Reasons to Buy Holy Basil

Holy Basil, also known as ocimum tenuiflorum comes from a plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family and is native to the Old World tropics. People often buy Holy Basil since it has been known to act as a COX-2 inhibitor that works much the same way as many prescription pain killers. Holy Basil contains a highly concentrated amount of eugenol, which is found in prescribed pain killers. The difference between Holy Basil and prescription pain killers is that Holy Basil is not habit forming and it is all natural where as prescribed pain killers are chemically created in laboratories.

BuddhaTeas - Reasons to Buy Holy Basil Tea

Holy Basil originated in India and throughout history it was commonly used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic medications. It is believed that Holy Basil has strong healing properties. People who buy Holy Basil do so to help relieve pain, stress, and reduce glucose and cholesterol levels. It is also said that this naturally occurring supplement may provide some protection against radiation poisoning. Common reasons people may choose to use Holy Basil extract is to treat colds, heart disease, stomach disorders, headache, inflammation, varying forms of poisoning, and even malaria. Fortunately, you can easily purchase Holy Basil from a pharmacy or wellness store.

One great reason to buy Holy Basil is the fact that it can assist with several common ailments. Rather than spending a great deal of money on several different medications, you can save money by buying one herbal supplement that can help you with it all. The leaves of Holy Basil can help improve memory and ease nerve pain. They can also be used to loosen phlegm from the bronchial tubes. Many people also use the leaves of Holy Basil to ease chronic stomach problems since the leaves are capable of strengthening the lining of the stomach.

If you constantly suffer from kidney stones, sore throat, coughs, or even respiratory disease you should buy Holy Basil. It is a great herbal supplement used to treat these varying illnesses. The power of Holy Basil can be found all the way back in ancient Vedas. Over the years, there have been several medical documents that feature the healing powers of Holy Basil. For example Carak Samhita and Susrut Samhita documented the use of Holy Basil in Ayurveda. From ancient scriptures to modern texts, there is no denying the usefulness of Holy Basil. You can easily find this herbal supplement at your local pharmacy or wellness store.

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