Holy Basil Tea Helps with Ulcers

Few digestive problems are quite as painful or disruptive as an ulcer. One in ten Americans will develop this painful issue each year, making ulcers as prevalent as they are painful. Ulcers are usually treated with medication, but to the nature-savvy, other resources can help the healing process as well. Holy basil tea can be used to aid healing of ulcers, and may reduce the chance of new ulcers forming.

How Ulcers are Formed

Contrary to popular belief, an ulcer is neither caused nor worsened by stress. Instead, most ulcers today are actually caused by a particular strain of bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori. These tiny bacteria thrive in the digestive system, and eat away at the protective lining of the stomach. When this protective lining is gone, the stomach acid burns the stomach tissue and creates an open wound – an ulcer.

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Not all people who have H. pylori in their digestive tract will develop ulcers; it is thought to be more likely in those who also have higher acid levels in their stomach. Certain medications can also weaken the stomach lining, as will smoking. Stress, spicy foods and alcohol consumption do not appear to have any relation to ulcers, as was previously believed.

Most ulcers are treated with medication. If the ulcer does not heal, or bleeding or vomiting also occur, surgery may be required to heal the ulcer. A doctor will determine what treatment is necessary.

How Does Holy Basil Tea Help with Ulcers?

Holy basil tea offers natural antibacterial properties, and it appears to be particularly effective in eliminating the H. pylori bacteria. The natural oils in holy basil destroy these bacteria, both reducing the risk of ulcers and preventing the spread of existing ulcers. Recent studies show that holy basil also notably reduces the risk of ulcers caused by aspirin and other medication. Holy basil targets not only ulcers in the stomach, but those in the upper part of the small intestine (duodenum), and may even provide relief for those with ulcerative colitis (ulcers appearing in the colon, or bowel).

Holy basil tea has even been found to stimulate the production of the protective mucous lining the stomach, and also reduces stomach acid levels – both critical components in healing ulcers. Although holy basil cannot heal or prevent ulcers entirely on its own, when paired with other treatments, holy basil tea can be a powerful ally against the pain of ulcers.

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Other Digestive Benefits of Holy Basil Tea

Whether you drink holy basil tea to protect against ulcers or for a different reason, you’ll also enjoy a few other digestive benefits. Holy basil stimulates the liver’s production of digestive bile, essential for the breakdown of proteins and rich foods. It also acts as a digestive tonic, promoting optimal function of the various muscles and organs in the digestive system. By lowering the acid levels in the stomach, it may even help those who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), reducing symptoms such as heartburn and acid reflux.

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