Holy Basil Tea for Stress Relief

Stress is an inevitable part of life, and in small amounts, stress can have a positive impact on our performance. Most of us, however, struggle with stress on a regular basis, and the long-term effects are clear. While practices like yoga, deep breathing and meditation may help with the mental aspects of stress, herbs like holy basil may help to deal with its physical effects. New research into the inner workings of this remarkable herb have shown a lot of potential when it comes to overcoming stress.

The Negative Effects of Chronic Stress

In the short-term, stress releases adrenaline and provides a beneficial burst of energy, strength and focus, valuable in immediate circumstances. When stressful situations happen frequently, however, or occur over extended periods, the level of adrenaline hormones becomes depleted. Instead of energized, the strain leaves the body weakened and fatigued. Concentration becomes more difficult, irritability rises, and the immune system struggles to stave off infection. The sleep cycle is also affected, and the increase of infection and decreased sleep only feeds stress further.

If left unchecked, long-term stress may even cause severe damage to the body’s internal systems by disrupting hormone levels or affecting their function. Though not likely to be lethal, the effects of long-term stress are certainly nothing to be taken lightly.


Drinking Holy Basil to Overcome Stress

Holy basil tea’s positive effects have earned it the status of an adaptogen. Adaptogenic herbs are capable of balancing the body’s many systems and helping them to work at optimal function. This is extremely beneficial for dealing with stressful feelings, because it can limit the effect stress has on the body and return it to normal function.

Like many adaptogens, holy basil tea works by limiting release of stress hormones, particularly cortisol. Reducing these hormones helps to preserve adrenal levels and reduce the fatigue and other negative symptoms linked to long-term stress.

This tea also boosts the function of the immune system, which is often compromised by chronic stress. This reduces the likelihood of an infection and makes it easier for the body to recuperate from the effects of stress. Holy basil also promotes the healthy and regular function of various systems, including the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and digestive system. This keeps the body balanced and promotes optimal health overall.

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