Holy Basil Tea: Complete Health Benefits

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Modern medicine has dissected and separated medications to provide specific treatment for individual ailments. This leaves people taking dozens of pills every day to treat their various ailments; some even use medications to counter the side effects of other medications.

One of the benefits of herbs is that they can provide several health benefits at once, each enhancing and complementing its other effects. Holy basil tea is no exception. This potent herbal brew offers a variety of positive traits, from supporting cardiovascular health to boosting brain function and easing stress. With its gentle nature and potent effects, holy basil tea can offer something to almost everyone.

Alleviates Stress

Holy basil tea is especially powerful for stress relief due to its status as an adaptogen. Adaptogenic herbs help to balance the body’s functions, and limit the negative effects of stress. Specifically, holy basil reduces the release of stress hormones like cortisol. This puts a limit on its effects on our body, including anxiety, fatigue, irritability and loss of focus.

Moderates Blood Sugar Levels

Recent studies have indicated that holy basil tea can help to regulate blood sugar levels in the bloodstream. One study in particular observed that holy basil notably reduced both fasting blood sugar levels and postprandial (after eating) levels in rodents when compared with a placebo leaf. Researchers are optimistic that holy basil will prove useful as an additional therapy for those with high blood sugar levels.

However, caution is advised if mixing this tea with prescribed medication. The effect could cause blood sugar levels to drop too low, creating a serious health risk. Discuss with a doctor if planning to drink this tea while on medication.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Several of holy basil tea’s benefits can positively affect cardiovascular function as well. Holy basil acts as a tonic for the heart, promoting a stronger muscle and protecting it against stress. It also helps to keep the arteries clear by moderating the levels of HDL cholesterol in the bloodstream. Combined with its anti-inflammatory effects, which may reduce inflammation in the arteries, holy basil tea helps to support healthy circulation and ease the strain on the heart.

Combats Cold & Flu

Fighting colds, flu and other respiratory infection is one of the chief benefits of holy basil tea. Although it will not cure a cold, it will treat many of its common symptoms. The tea acts as a demulcent to ease coughing and congestion, and will also soothe a sore throat. Holy basil tea will also help to regulate a fever, and its stress-relieving properties reduce its negative effects on the immune system. Finally, its antibacterial properties help to fight bacteria and assist the immune system directly.

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Supports Respiratory Health

The demulcent properties of holy basil also help to ease other respiratory issues, including hay fever and sinus pressure. Components found in holy basil, such as eugenol, camphene and cineol, stimulate the flow of mucous and help to ease congestion. The anti-inflammatory properties also ease inflammation in the sinuses and airways, improving the flow of air to the lungs. There is also some evidence that holy basil may aid the healing of damaged lung tissue.

Digestive Aid

Holy Basil tea possesses several benefits for digestion. Most notably, it can protect the stomach against ulcers. Holy basil reduces the levels of stomach acid, and more importantly, it stimulates the creation of the protective mucous coating that lines the stomach. It also promotes the liver’s ability to create bile, an essential part of the digestive process. Finally, it acts as a digestive tonic, promoting the body’s ability to break down and assimilate nutrients, and boosting the metabolism to make the most of these nutrients.

Eases Headaches

Holy basil tea may be useful in alleviating some headaches. Stress headaches may be helped by holy basil’s stress-relieving action as it lowers the stress hormone cortisol. The tea may also ease sinus headaches by alleviating congestion and sinus inflammation.

Reduces Inflammation

Holy basil tea has demonstrated potent anti-inflammatory effects. Several of its compounds work to inhibit inflammation throughout the body, especially inflammation of the joints. Studies have shown that when used regularly, holy basil tea’s effects are even comparable to aspirin.

Supports Healthy Sleep Cycle

The relaxing effect of holy basil tea also promotes a healthy sleep cycle. Although it does not have sedative properties, holy basil eliminates stress hormones, which allows both mind and body to relax. Its smooth flavor and pleasant aroma are both soothing, and as an herbal tea, it is caffeine-free.

Promotes Immune Function

Research has identified powerful antimicrobial properties in holy basil, able to eliminate several harmful pathogens. This natural antibacterial effect works alongside the immune system to protect against potential infection.

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Improves Wound Healing

The antimicrobial effects can also be used externally on wounds to reduce the risk of infection. To use holy basil tea externally, brew a strong tea and use it as an herbal rinse. The tea bag, after soaking, can also be used as a poultice.

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