The Wonders of Organic Holy Basil Tea

Holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), also called Tulsi, has been widely used in the ancient times dating to as far as 3000 years ago. The herb was termed “sacred” in the Rig Veda some time in 1500 BC making people celebrate it in the Purana, and highly appreciated and accounted for its Ayurvedic medicine – because […]

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Holy Basil Tea Makes You Stress-Free and Away from Other Illness

Ocimum sanctum, or Holy basil, is from the family of mints known as Labiatae. Its close relatives are frequently used for cooking, but holy basil is much more diverse than just a food ingredient.

Holy basil is a native plant from Asia and is also common in tropical parts of the world. It has been used […]

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